123 Mh/S How Meny Dogecoin Wil I Get?

0.08 how much is 21 million worth in bitcoin?

how do i get 1 million dogecoin,i have a full doge wallet and just want to give it away to people that need it or many mods would like some?

What is the price of 1 Dogecoin in Indian rupees ? What is the exact equivalent of one DOGE coin in INR ? How long does it take to convert 10,000 DOGE into INR (for example) and then what’s the approximate amount (in INR) you will end up with after converting your 10k DOGE into INR ? I am new at all these things here. Please help me out.

Also, I don’t understand how 1 Dogecoin was converted into 10000000 satoshi. : ) Is there any way to know that percentage for 10000000 satoshi too ?

I have been reading several threads but don’t find anything about this % or conversion from 1 Dogecoin supply which results here in 10000000 satoshi amount…Can anybody tell me please….! Thanks a lot ! Hi everyone !I must apologize regarding my ignorance cause this seems a very confusing topic I must ask people from Dogecoin community before jumping into question mark zone..but since its been proven that no-one can predict future value well enough, so I need all answers i can get here before plunging headlong deep within murky depths !!so lets start