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LegendaryActivity: 1358Merit: 1002 Re: [ANN] AEON [2017-11-03] – Easy to use, fast, scalable cryptocurrency. January 23, 2018, 09:57:35 AM #7722 Quote from: aeternity on January 22, 2018, 11:59:42 PM Can someone explain the relationship of Monero and Aeon ?

They are both launched in 2014 by different groups. Aeon is one of the earliest proof of stake coins that switched from proof of work to proof of stake without a hard fork. Monero used CryptoNight not POW algorithm while Aeon uses CryptonightV7 which is an updated version of CryptoNightV8 with several notable changes such as the implementation of Difficulty Bomb and new 1 Million blocks included in 30 days period instead of 12. It operates using six parameters for difficulty readjustments according to Proof Of Work change rate percentage while Monero uses three parameters (difficulty readjustment threshold rate + difficulty readjustment slope + maturity time). The final goal was set up in 2015 but has been postponed due to censorship pressure against cryptocurrency system developers applying POB/POS algorithm implementation. Finally they managed to launch it at least partially decentralised environment although limited by legislative barriers which restrict cryptocurrencies innovation progress further than allowed by law forcing them to adopt unoriginal ideas mostly acquired from other projects