Binance And Bittrex Are Full What Can I Use?

How do I use the same wallet on all 3 cryptocurrencys?

I assume you mean dash addresses. You need to be able to create a new address for each coin, your coins will send from the original bittrex account and you will also have to make a wallet for each of those coins as well. HOWEVER, you can currently send btcd from one account and then that same address could receive bitcoin or litecoin or any other altcoin it helps keep things more orderly. Armory is a good option for users who want complete control over the keys. ShapeShift supports many coins but not many exactly like Bittrex doesA possible solution where you would store your digital assets in one place would be LocalBitCoins – They host wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies, but they only work with BTC atm – Which is fine if all you need/want to do is send money back and forth between altsWhat i see as happening here is:1) People move their digital assets into altcoins2) Now there are no exchanges trading these particular altcoins3) The above created an inflation issue since people were just exchanging bitcoins associated with their known-mainstream-cryptocurrency and dumping worthless ones (akin to what happened when USD first was used as a reserve currency just prior to 1971).4) Within this explosion of alts, there HAD been established some markets but none of them worked well enough etc…5) Eventually you try bitfine