Binance How To Check If A Candle Closes?

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10/02/2014�� The candle closes at the end of the current trading day. If you believe that HIL is going to close higher, then sell short following that upward crossing in price. By tomorrow I’m assuming the price will be even further up. So, you would sell 1 contract for �… The investor uses an order limit based on their view on where they expect the market to move over the coming days. To see what tools are available for free or paid, go here . For information on setting up your account with TSTT click here .

How do you break out a long term trend using candlesticks? Dragonfly Dynamic Markets YouTube Channel – Cross Stocks Basics As usual our Stocks 101 videos are designed to give any trader or investor a better understanding of how markets work and …

11/09/2015�� Working With Candlestick Charts It may seem weird to start off learning about candlesticks when so many other charting techniques are now used too, but candlesticks have seen something of a resurgence recently because volatility has been high over recent months. Candles help traders follow trends which can help them identify opportunities before others have spotted it themselves…. well, unless you are one of those guys using “candle sticks” as trading indicators.