Binance How To Convert Btc/Usdt To Bitcoin For Withdrawel?

Do i need to transfer btc/usdt to my exchange? or does it automatically convert to bitcoin after the withdrawel is completed? Does it require any fee for withdrawal?

How much will be my withdrawel cost if i do not have enough coin left in btcmode wallet..some bids are 5btc or there a way to use both coins, btc and usd together…i have sold around 2500 coupons at bitfinex right now…how can average user’s trade bot accomodate all this many coins at once???if anyone can direct me to some blogs about trading with BTCUSD trading pairs, that would be very helpful. I’m newbie so please feel free to correct me

Quote from: stevegee58 on March 06, 2014, 10:25:27 PM Hi I was asking but there are no replies….I tryed BitFinex because its URL says they stock altcoins..I don’t know how good the liquidity is though….but I guess you could deposit ethereum etc esp for withdrawing..they also offer eth pdd too which is pretty tempting, wondering whether I should go thru Ethereums site ( first (it seems very popular) before depositing fiat via exchanges like Binance/Bitsane…or should I just wait till the end of their crowdsale -hmmm interested here!!!

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