Binance How To See More Than 1 Decimial?

I just need to know how. When I go to my Binance account it shows my Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Monero but when I click on the coin’s name there is only 0.83 of the assets in it? What am i doing wrong? Send us a message or an email to if you have any problem regarding this process..

Ethereum Breaking Out – Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange

How To Get Your Coins Back From Binance Dec 8, 2017 · Binance plans to host an ICO that will grant people access to their staking program, which is a way for users to get paid from fees they generate on the exchange platform. Binance Coin (BNB) is also used as a trading token around the world by its users so it’s obviously very important they can do whatever they want with it. . This “sweep” was performed thanks only after collecting funds from investors via an ICO,. ico marketing Ethereum Breaking Out – Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange ico rating blockchain 5 best cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018 Best Altcoin Exchanges Update: Crypto Currency Exchanges That Are Like Coinbase List 11 Top Coins For The New Day Of InvestingBest altcoins for traders List 10 Top cryptocurrencies for day traders using BTC Volume How To See Which Coins You Have In A Wallet Into Bittrex Eth has seen some huge price swings over the past few days ! Our top picks are NOW at their all time high . It’