Bitcoin Price When It First Came Out?

” – there were no exchanges! Hardly makes sense, does it? And we’re meant to believe this is an investing advice?

I can maybe understand it as a call to action for you as a trader to be able to out-execute the market, but as an investor looking at bitcoin from a long term perspective there are so many questions surrounding this. Comfortably forecasting the price of bitcoin in 5 years from now does not fit with their strategy. I don’t know what else to call that besides ‘flip flop’.

There is nothing wrong with being contrarian and wanting to take advantage of upside opportunities when they arise, but “the market will go up 100% until 2018 because every time we see a dip in the price of BTC the fundamentals still remain bullish”… Well, if that was true how come right before your article was released Bitcoin went down 50%. In fact you had been giving us all false hope pretty much since December 2014. They say if you’re going through hell keep going – well I thought its over then why am I still going through hell?! How long should one follow a flawed grand plan or investment philosophy? What if one or more things change… your decision could end up costing me years of my life savings – very detrimental effect on my bank account if not entirely removing it. What happens if Bitcoin goes down 90% between now and next December? Will your articles continue regardless regardless