Does Binance Charge Trading Fee When Buy And Sell?

A Bitcoin mining pool is similar to the Bitcoin blockchain – It’s like sending out messages to all Bitcoin miners with instructions on what to do. Just like when you send messages via email, they will see your address and act accordingly. And this is why Bitcoin mining pools are essential in producing new blocks in the Bitcoin network for users to confirm transactions faster. The reward of a block also depends on how many transactions you contribute. After 12 blocks, each block has a reward of 12.5 BTC that will be shared among the miners who discovered it first after 12 hours begin after that point. In addition, any further blocks mined from this one gets halved – but still always maxed out at 25 BTC – again after 12 hours – giving bonus rewards for everyone who contributes more than 1/12th of their hashrate over a specific period of time, though it mostly comes down to luck anyway! Note: If you decide to join a mining pool… there is no way back!! No “switchback” as such as far as I know……. As well as being DDoSed by competitor miner’s using DDoS attacks or just slowing them down so much then even if they solve a block before other miners causing them not to share the resulting 50BTC shares that should have been split?Of course this begs another question….How can Zcash have an op-sec so good for privacy whilst having maximum transparency by allowing all stakeholders see every movement a zk-snark