Dogecoin How Much Could 965.1 Dogecoin Value?

The price of 1 dogecoin is currently 965.1 usd this week and that has or will change over the time you read this article (on the day you are reading it), but before we get to 965.1 usd, let’s talk about what exactly dogecoin is!

What Is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is kind of like a joke in itself, but for serious stuff there’s a website called dogetipbot that tells you about other coin prices and other fun things too:

Dogecoin was made based on the popular internet meme known as Doge from Youtube videos. In fact back when I first started writing articles about Bitcoin, the price was only $10 so if you bought 1 BTC back then, you would have been very happy with your investment today! Here’s an image from Coin Market Cap showing how high bitcoin went from March 2013 to early 2014:

There were a lot of different theories floating around before this happened and since then it seems to be all up in the air again because governments keep trying to take control over Bitcoin, something they also did with many companies / services within their countries’ borders hoping they could bring them down since Bitcoin “doesn’t work anywhere else besides your computer”. It seems governments around