How Bad Is It To Leave Coin In Binance?

what are cases when leaving coins in poloniex?

Binance is the best platform to keep your coins in. I don’t know why you left it at Poloniex though. I’ve only ever left my coins at Binance for over a year now. There’s no risk of losing money in Binance, so if you have coins there, you aren’t losing anything by keeping them there indefinitely. They take care of your coins for you. You can sell or swap them whenever you want out of your own control over your funds. The only thing that happens is when the exchange decides to delist the coin; then it’s up to whoever owns the coin on that particular exchange (they usually keep their wallets offline) which will decide whether they like what they see and/or want to re-list the coin because they want more clients investing into cryptocurrencies etc.; otherwise they’ll just wait until another exchange list the coin; after all, people make money from shares too; wait till its market value rises and buy some back! It’s not perfect but it works like clockwork – transfers happen every second without any failure whatsoever.

If you’re comfortable with these risks (which I am), then leave your $100 or $500 or $1000 right where it’s safe! Just because something doesn’t fail immediately doesn’t mean that it still isn’t failing! And yes, BTCD could eventually become worthless by staying here – maybe even maybe very soon!!