How Can I Buy Ethereum Classic?

Here at Invest In Blockchain, we use a different strategy to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our method involves investing in cryptocurrencies through cryptocurrency exchanges.

The most popular of these exchanges are Coinbase, Binance, OKEx and Huobi Global. While each one has their pros and cons, the bottom line is that you need a large amount of money to get started, so buying from one exchange could be more expensive than other options. That’s why we recommend using a platform like Coinmama which lets you purchase Bitcoin with credit or debit cards. It’s super convenient if you want to avoid opening an account on an exchange yourself! You can start your purchases easily by following this guide below:

1) Register for an account on Coinmama’s website here 2) Purchase Bitcoin 3) Go back to Invest In Blockchain 4) We have links attached to the top of every page that let you follow quick links straight into our brokerages* 5) Sign up for your brokerage account 6) Open an account with us by following any of the links found within this guide 7) Send us your buy forms 8 ) Have them reviewed within 24 hours 9 ) After approval review everything again 10 ) If everything looks fine proceed with payment 11) Once order placed send verification documents 12 *All prices shown are based on market rates published by multiple exchanges Investors report all gains made via our affiliate websites as income since they do not enter trades themselves Using another platform means paying higher fees than ours All pricing shown