How Can I Get 20 Xrp Off Of Ledger Nano S?

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LegendaryActivity: 1428Merit: 1018 Re: [ANN][XCO] XCoin | PoS – DGW | No premine | No IPO May 17, 2014, 04:57:48 AM #2635 Quote from: HMD on May 16, 2014, 10:44:49 PM There is a high probability that I will launch a new fork of XCoin before 1st July as it should have been done since chain split forced me to go back to forks from inception I made to include client-side wallet encryption and other security measures that were pointed out as required by everyone as well as miners even though there was no need for them prior to chain split. In case miners force a hardfork this time it should have supported segwit activation via software upgrade which would have been necessary at least 12 months ago so you could all feel safe using it if you wanted instead of re-signing everything with a different keypair twice….

Once all wallets implementing segwit commences upgrades the first block mined after then will support activation of segwit very quickly and any coin that uses soft forks or has not yet enabled segwit will see several blocks orphaned (lost forever