How Can I Mine For Bitshares Or Dogecoin?

Ok, you can not mine with Bitcoin. It’s possible to mine with Bitcoin but it requires more hash power due to the amount of memory needed. With Bitcoin you need lots of memory (64 GB currently seems to be the most wanted). With Dogecoin and Bitshares you don’t need large amounts of memory.

Can I create my own exchange? I want people to buy/sell dogecoin for bitconnect.

The best way is probably creating a local web wallet or using one from a trusted service like Mycelium or Copay. The moment people start buying dogecoins because they bought them from an exchange, there will be problems from law enforcement agencies because all exchanges must have KYC/AML procedures in place and these ones must ask for a lot of information about their users. If you do it this way then at least there is no reason to worry whether your funds are stolen while your account is fully controlled by yourself, even if someone hacks your computer he won’t find anything except some data belonging to bitconnect or other services which require personal info in order to get access so he’ll just put his life on risk including yours rather than try something stupid probably without any potential gain… But generally speaking if you know how cryptocurrency works, wallets work etc., chances are that even if you use encrypted passwords and shit, anyone who wants could get into your account anyway thanks to a brute force attack just by guessing random numbers used as login credentials..