How Can Iget A Doge Address (Your Dogecoin Wallet?

if so, please send me one [IDEA]: [link to this thread] [url=][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/link]

wow 4 btc there …what is the scam ? lolwut im really gettin ripped off here i need 1000 dogecoin and u got 800 bucks of that for that sad sad dealo get a deal on some ppl thohh why did you even post this -_-+ once we realize what we have we can actually start marketing it and selling spotssince your new and all.. let me teach you how to get a good doge address:now you can see in the bitcoindetails where’s your accountinfo (which was made by posting on here)and right after that it shows your public keyshow how theyre linked its like steam community cards! iget a coindaddocget