How Can You See Your Fee In Real Time In Binance?



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Hero MemberActivity: 798Merit: 1000 Re: “There are too many ICO’s” September 12, 2017, 03:04:31 PM #6 Quote from: Xaros on April 01, 2016, 10:49:15 AM There are too much ICO’s. I’m not saying it is because of bad oportunity but there are simply too many companies trying to raise fundings with the concept “token”…. if they want to have their token distributed in a successful way they should improve the product first.. I know this doesn’t go well with people who want quick gain but that’s just my thoughts. If you create an amazing piece of software your company will have potential for success regardless what token you decide to issue. also few blockchain platforms can handle thousands of tokens being issued. Just don’t forget about security and infrastructure part. Don’t treat everything like you’re launching cyber heist project .. do it correctly . Start making real things before talking about money without having any substance or worthwhile idea. That’s my opinion anyway…feel free to disagree With all due respect; if this was three months ago.. maybe four at best (I started writing this post one week ago), I would say what you do is absolutely correct ! but today these projects /tokens /ICOs/whatever-you-want