How Do I Buy Ethereum With Xrp On The Binance App?

Please, do not waste your money. It is not possible to buy ETH with XRP on the binance app. You have to use the wallet of binance app or other exchange that support ripple.

How can i get ripple?

You can even order at but it isn’t possible for me to get 200$ in one go using the website only, so please use Coinbase ( or Binance Exchange ( Buying coins like this will help you move forward in making long-term investments in ripplars, otherwise you buy it for short term gains and end up losing your money pretty soon – these are my 3rd time buying ripples here after few dummy trades when I don’t know how much they really cost! So check out these links before buying them… I believe they might be useful for whomever needs some help when investing in Ripple coin…