How Do I Cash Out My Bitcoin?

I am not quite sure how you are getting your info, but if you want to sell some bitcoin, just go to a bitcoin exchange. Coinbase is the most common website for someone looking to cash out bitcoin, but there are others. You will have to choose which one of them is perfect for you since they have different features, so be sure to research each site before choosing one.

how do i buy bitcoins?

You can either buy them on an online exchange or meet with someone who has some and agree on selling it directly. Either way would work however the process differs slightly depending on what youre doing exactly; for example buying with fiat currency (US dollars) would be faster than trading it for BTC itself with another person (trading). These two options are then separated into two parts: Buying Bitcoins Easily & Quickly – As mentioned above, i suggest using Coinbase as its super simple and easy to use; all you need is an email address and verify your account by clicking “give me my Bitcoins now!” Buying Bitcoins Instantly | How To Buy Bitcoins Best Way – If its between these two methods though I prefer buying bitcoins instantly because it is convenient and saves time since I can buy them right away instead of waiting until I get home from school late in the day. It also gets rid of exchanges fees that usually come along with converting fiat currency into bitcoin, so that alone makes it worthwhile. That being said there are many websites out