How Do I Cash Out Of Xrp Quickly??

The most recent XRP deposit address is:

Ripple offers a new payment processing system that enables banks to make faster and cheaper international payments. It can move money in seconds instead of days which is one of the main advantages of blockchain technology over other forms of currency. One major side effect of its openness and transparency is that it eliminates intermediaries, so Ripple guarantees both quickness and lower price. Interestingly, they also suggest conditions for successful use: they claim you need to have USD in your account when sending, so everything goes through Coinbase. I’m interested in this news primarily because I’ve been looking into options such as XRP futures or an XRP-based ETF (exchange traded fund) but there are no actual services yet available for purchase on U.S.-based exchanges.It would seem only about half of ripple users who want to convert back into bitcoin can do so right now because access to selling prices has disappeared after traders bought huge amounts at inflated pricing and institutional players like bullion banks began trading them in volume settings not relevant to normal market activity with few sellers still ready and willing to offer these rates for non-speculative purposes given the voluminous accumulation already in existence. But moving forward, if such things become more easily accessible (if not instantaneously or even instantly), then I might transfer some currency over here next month when my employer deposits a small amount into our bank account from someone else with similar problems getting currency released fast