How Do I Change Usdc To Usdt On Binance?

how do i change usdc to usdt on binance? 2018-12-08 23:00:20 UTC #9 I have a good news for all who use google cloud(google computes) and wants to transfer your Cryptocurrency from your wallets in google cloud, you can easily transfer all this into a local wallet by just swap or modify the contract address in that contract or set it as an alias so it will be irrelevant.

Here is the steps for this.

– Login with Google account

– Open Google sidechain wallet -> In bottom right corner you’ll see the address of the Wallet Contract. You need to add private key in your Storage Account which is added with that contract and then click “Import private key” button next to that Address. (This step will sync 30secs)

The next step depends on where you’re transferring coin from: