How Do I Deposit Us Dollars Into My Binance Account?

Binance is known to support USD generally speaking. However, you can’t deposit US dollars (or any other fiat currency) to your Binance account directly. The only way to do this would be through a third-party service like Changelly or Fiatspin that converts fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies instantly. GDAX also supports this method of transfer, even though there are issues with fiatspin (to my knowledge). Jaxx Liberty does not seem like it’ll ever allow users to make deposits in USD or EURO, though i believe one could open an account at Bitpanda and start trading baits for euros.

Do binance american trade fees?

There are two types of buy/sell fees: Deposit Fee and Withdrawal Fee. These fees only apply while you hold the amount either on Binance or on a crypto exchange that supports Binance coin deposits/withdrawals such as OkEx, HitBTC etc.. All these exchanges charge very low withdrawal fees from both direct transfers from bank accounts and from bank wires. In comparison, Coinbase takes 1% fee for using credit cards/debit cards top up your account with BTC or ETH. In addition – Coinbase charges a ~2% increase in the spread-rate when moving out more than 4 times the deposited sum of BTC/ETH . On the plus side – If you withdraw large amounts via bank transfer – Coinbase will ask you if you want an additional insurance package