How Do I Find Out When Coins Are Going To Be Newly Listed On Binance?


I read somewhere that to stay informed on when coins are going to be listed you can go to the binance twitter page and click on the ‘Updates’ tab. The second day or so after a coin is listed it appears there in the ‘Updates’ tab. Looks like simple enough – but I haven’t done this yet . If anyone knows if this is accurate please reply … Thank you 🙂

I’ve created an account, used the link ( ) and logged in but don’t have any idea what would qualify for being listed there at all…. I know virtual currencies are much newer than fiat currencies, but how close would I need be to one? The majors exchanges are much older than me! 😀

This message actually encouraged me… actually persuaded… so i’m trying again watching this video And will try to do steps 1 thru 4 tomorrow at work 😀 Unfortunately I also saw today that my funds were visible in Coinbase – if anyone here reads Spanish it might help to ask someone about “cómo saber si se han realizado los movimientos”. This video helped me understand it better: So hopefully tomorrow at work i’ll create an account