How Do I Get Funds Into My Binance Account To Get Started?

There are three ways to get funds into your Binance account: using one of the cryptocurrency exchange pools, via a bank transfer (international only), and as deposits from other users.

Binance usually provides 1:1 trades for those who deposit less than $100,000 per day or hold less than 5 billion coins to avoid market manipulation. However, you won’t be able to withdraw the fiat until the exchange is properly regulated and fully functional. If you believe in crypto and want to support Binance’s effort towards regulation*, consider investing 0.5%-1% of your portfolio into their token sale! You can do so by clicking here.*Note that there may be additional fees for this process through Credit Card/Bank Transfer if not remaining within such low value thresholds)

how do i buy bnb?

You must first purchase any other cryptocurrency on Coinbase/GDAX/CEX before attempting a transaction with BNB tokens since they don’t take USDT directly as a conversion option presently. The easiest way would be to open a trading position on one of the above exchanges holding a valid BTC balance or USDT at least equivalent in value based on current market price, then initiate your trade from there. Markets vary constantly but will generally close every night around 2am EST time zone depending upon volatility levels at that time – you can check its current status prior to each trade date by looking it up online under “markets” tab within