How Do I Make Money With Bitcoin?

Well, it is kind of easy to make money with bitcoin. First you need to buy bitcoins and digital wallet software. To buy bitcoins there are many sites online such as Coinbase (Coinbase), Bitstamp (Bitstamp) or Kraken (Kraken). You can also get them from exchanges like MtGox, bitflyer or Virwox which are not so popular but they accept many countries for bitcoin trading.

Then you need digital wallet software. Here are some good ones: Cryptonator, Cryptwallet, Jaxx, Blockchain etc. I really recommend Cryptonator because it is the best one among these that i have tried so far. The other two wallets are pretty much same style except that Jaxx has more complicated interface than the others have but its functionality is almost same as Cryptonator’s in terms of what you can do with your wallet out there in social networks, sending/receiving transactions etc… So don’t worry about how hard Jaxx is because once you decide to use all cryptocurrency websites instead of just one website an old-timer will look like a kid who has no idea about internet.

Now let us go back again to Btc Exchange where we can purchase Bitcoins using fiat currency or through peer-to-peer exchange platforms like localbitcoins.. Ofcourse when buying all currencies at once that could be expensive thing but when buying smaller quantities then this should be much easier for