How Do I Move Xrp Tokens To Mew??

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LegendaryActivity: 1190Merit: 1001 Re: Help me move BTC to MEW ! June 21, 2015, 07:52:38 PM #8 I am wondering if there were any issues with Nxt transactions using NC Mall for some reason? It does have a few issues but is on my list of coins to invest in but i don’t know much about it on first look.. Yeah it’s complex looking at all those different addresses… what do you mean by “all”? Which coins are you comparing them to?If you’ve got the .vsn extension on your wallet then that will indicate local node storage right? If there’s no vsn then that would indicate they’re still stored off-chain which might be why some people are having troubles with transfer speed & fees? If they’re directly on NXT nodes then txn are currently 2nd best system for moving funds between crypto currencies imo (as long as the sender has +20k NXT), even behind bitcoin itself ? At least so far