How Do I See What I Have In Binance?

How do i add a wallet? how do i add a coin from binance to my kraken account? can you link to your live feed or is there a special button in order for people to see whats going on with the price in the market place where I can see it? How do I know if a coin is in a trade, and when will it be traded?If this is something that’s not listed anywhere I could ask you guys here for some help. Is there an app that shows me what coins are being traded at any given time so I know when they’re all getting hammered…I guess what I’m wondering is if its possible for us investors to watch our investments from fiat/BTC so we can avoid being wiped out by panic selling guns???The tutorial thingie was pretty bad because even though says click here to set up a krawk wallet, there’s no place I can click on their setup website\link\info page just “add another wallet”. You have to go into your email settings or provide some sort of verification code before you’ll get access back into your wallets after setting them up….What happens then though if someone cracks your password like bittrex did and takes everything including the passwords (with access timestamps!) onto server farms (very common nowadays) , right now looks like its safe enough but recent hacks make me think otherwise…Hope this isn’t considered spammy [quote=