How Do I Start A Bitcoin Account?

How do I buy bitcoins? How do I sell Bitcoins?

These are the first questions asked about their website. The more information someone has, the easier it is for them to make an informed decision before spending money Read More about What are some good websites to Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card Here are some of the most popular ways you can use Bitcoin to purchase merchandise anonymously on rare items, which change value over time. Because these sites offer a more limited selection of products, users need to be selective with their choices. Sites like Overstock and eBay charge by transaction instead of by total amount purchased if this is what you’re looking for then don’t worry there may be better deals out there but frankly they’re not worth your time or effort Read More if that’s all you want though bitcoin fraud is common so it may be wise to only buy $150-$300 at a time so as not become an easy target but read my blog post below about how one person almost fell for fraud involving buying $US700 in cryptocurrency with credit cards Read More . You’ll find links below too if you’d like to learn more about each company. Bitit Bitit is Africa’s largest Bitcoin exchange platform based in Johannesburg, South Africa offering fast transactions and security through Multi-Signature technology (P2SH addresses) all payment types supported dependant on country (local , SEPA bank transfer only). If you would like request support via email at They also accept BTC