How Do I Transfer Eth From Gdax To Binance?

binance can’t

do it for you. I don’t know how they are handling this . It is too bad i cant see my balance on gdax until the funds are in binance. Too much back and forth with bitpay which still hasn’t felt right since they fucked up my order on the c-cex hacker.

So, if you can access your account at all, go to ‘addresses’ and see if there is anything under transaction status. If so, create a ticket at their support forum to inquire about where “your” coins are supposed to be.

Now that is out of the way – here comes mr martin shkreli on twitter:

Edit: just checked my wallet, there was no error message when i ran it yesterday morning…maybe someone stole some of these coins? am i missing something? what did august 30th look like? anyone? help me understand tomorrow’s price action (so far) …edit2: wtf!?! you guys ever heard of any exchanges losing customer funds before??? get real!!! signature space available for rent || helping migrants– trade exchange / commodity trading advice #1 download qt wallet get bitcoin block explorer finance charts ,developer tools digital marketplace—-