How Do I Unlock My Xrp Funds If I Lost My Password?

you forgot to securely save your recovery phrase? If so, you can unlock it by doing the following: 1. Login to https://www.myxeroc login page 2. Under ‘Account’ section, click ‘Manage Recovery Phrases’ 3. Write down recovery phrase carefully (it is case-sensitive) 4. Fill recovery phrase in below box & click submit 5. After that you will see a message like this: “Your recovery phrase is entered” Upgrade Your Account From v1 To v2 Upgraded your account from v1 to v2? Then follow these steps: 1. Upgrade your old account (https://dashboard_old_accounts_on_new_organizations).

2. Once successfully upgraded, go to Dashboard (https://dashboard) and make sure your new account name now shows up on the left-most side of dashboard beside Email field.

3. If not then go back into upgrade process and confirm that organization was successfully upgraded to v2 before proceeding with next step