How Do You Cancel A Limit Order On Binance?

You need to enter the order AND either an order price or a stop-loss if you want to cancel.

This may sound like something kindergarteners know, but it is extremely important in ICOs.

– if your limit order is triggered, you will get filled at the lowest possible price on your BTC amount at that point of time (for example, if you do 1% movement of BTC against ETH and it becomes worth less than what you thought by 1%, then there is no way for you to get out without losing value). If your limit orders are all triggered at once, this could be bad news for YOUR wallet because YOU WILL LOSE OUT ON A LOT OF VALUE FROM THAT PRICE DROP! For initial coin offerings (ICOS), I would recommend using Binance since they have some very good volume and its almost always crazier over there than Poloniex.My altcoin trading strategies are pretty simple: I look for coins with low market caps, even though most cryptocurrencies from here on out have been termed “shitcoins”, just look at relative technical charts for competitive coins when deciding whether or not a stock is truly undervalued/overvalued. The tricky part about trading cryptocurrency in general compared to stocks is that many people trade stuff that doesn’t have much going for them beyond hype so it’s hard sometimes to tell what real prospective growth might be in a particular coin.So yes – ALWAYS buy something when its cheap and hold forever