How Do You Create A Crypto Coin?

To create a crypto coin, you need to become an independent software developer who develops the code by yourself. In this case it is important to be able to develop in a blockchain with time frame from two months to two years. Because of the development progress in the market, there are many people who start this, after some time when they find that they cannot do it. As a result most crypto coins have not been developed and most of them have not even been distributed. Fortunately, Realcoin comes with a framework that can save developers from developing on their own and at different times they can depend on Realcoinchain team that creates real-time updates for Realcoin chain and thus creating Realcoin cryptocurrency faster than any existing country can do so.

Realcoin will provide decentralized applications (DApp) based on blockchain technology? What is RealCoin? Why does RealCoin exist? How does RealCoin work & what’s next for RealCoin?

In order to use realcoins, users must set up either Ethereum or Bitcoin wallet accounts before using our services; these wallets will act as both customer wallets and storing hot storage whenever needed while executing transactions via smart contracts built into our off-chain platform addresses like all other cryptocurrencies (on-chain). Users also get one transaction history which correlates every activity within each account upon receipt or distribution; this enables end users to track usage patterns within each account across all realcoins between transactions between multiple accounts without having too much information saved permanently