How Do You Get Your Back Up Key On Binance?

Glad to see you found a solution. In this case, I think it’s best to have a different wallet for each type of cryptocurrency you have. For example, if you have Bitcoin and Ethereum, use two wallets – one for Bitcoin and one for Ethereum. It’s probably best to not keep cryptocurrencies on a single wallet because if something happens to that wallet, the whole cryptocurrency loses money to that wallet.For those who can remember back in the days when Cyprus against the euro caused mass panic, well now it is time that we should pay but to whom? We know that as long as we are paying less tax than our European friends who earn the same amount as us then why should they be paying more? This is what governments want yet they seem try everything possible (and some illegal) just to prevent others from enjoying an equal standard of living. Perhaps this will change once governments wake up and realize how ridiculous chasing after tax revenue is affecting people’s lives!My recommendation is don’t invest into anything that you dont understand or research enough but my personal favorite is still bitcoin , altcoins are simply scammy