How Do You Transfer Money From Litecoin To Ripple On Binance?

I would like to make multiple transfers of money daily. Do I need to buy XRP to transfer them? I’m tired of Coinbase charges for this, do you know… litecoin core wallet 0.8 LTC lost – BOT Apollo

Tips for first time digital currency owners: Assume that everything you do will be recorded on the internet forever. If your crypto-asset is stolen or hacked (which is entirely possible), assume no one will ever help you retrieve it, even if you can prove beyond any doubt that its under somebody else’s control. Don’t loan anyone money unless they’ve proven their ability to pay you back with interest or another form of compensation.

If there are people who aren’t getting their investment returns, don’t believe the hype about how great the value of your investment is going up by 10x in 2 months because YOU KNOW IT DID NOT FEEL 10x BETTER ONCE YOU HAD YOUR COINS! You didn’t feel better once YOU HAD THE SMART CONTRACT THAT YOU SET UP WITH THE NEWER BYTEBALL THAN THE OLDER 2 DOLLAR ONE THAT WAS EMPTY AND NOT WORTH ANYTHING BUT A FEW CENTS WHEN YOU GOT IT!

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