How Does Buying Xrp Make An Investor Money In Riple Platform?

It depends on how liquid the market is, but in most cases you are able to buy XRP for about 0.5 cents per XRP. The price does not need to go up since Ripple has a current market cap of more than $85 billion dollars and it is influential in making other cryptocurrencies rise too. This allows investors to make profits when prices go up or down. To understand more, see the comments below!

There are several ways that an investor can purchase XRPs then cash out when they feel it’s time.. Sometimes only 1XRP will be available per exchange for sale for USD… if enough people want these things at any given moment there might be plenty of them available for average traders who do not have billions of dollars worth of holdings to purchase myriad cryptocurrency coins in bulk through an OTC channel.. As with any product, there needs to be demand otherwise there is no point in using it which can lead to cryptocurrency being largely manipulated by large players who have all the money in the world behind them… thus why so many people say what we’re doing could get us banned from buying large amounts directly because such manipulation would create huge panic selling driven by fear and greed due to markets driven by speculation instead of fundamentals (supply and demand)

So do you think riplexchange should add xrp option?