How Does Buying Xrp Make An Investor Money In Ripple Platform?

XRP is an asset like bitcoin, digibyte or litecoin, but is built to last. Unlike many cryptocurrencies, XRP doesn’t use the blockchain to manage its transactions. Instead, Ripple uses their own software called xCurrent that can settle transactions in 3 seconds or less per transaction.

That is very important because most investors are setting up these accounts just for the sole purpose of getting access to this technology and backing it with their money so they can run transactions right away. But they want to know what will happen after they buy xrp? Where does liquidity come from? All of you who know what infrastructure is talking about infrastructure development and infrastructure spend which consumes money on something called development costs or company spending on trading fees and things like that which turns into a real business not a pure speculation activity where you only care about these things as long as there is value going up for your investment . In other words if 1 day there isn’t any more value coming from this technology then these people won’t stay with it also because there will be a lot of difficulties to continue buying xrp at 20$ per XRPs , probably these persons will leave the market ,and probably there won’t even be someone willing to continue buying xrps at 20$. And all those people who bought over 1000000 Rupees worth of Stellar Lumens as soon as it announced as ICO could have lost twice as much money during first few months trying to run XR