How Does Ethereum Have Value?

Why do people invest in bitcoins?

As with most currencies, it can be difficult to answer why someone would want to part with their hard-earned money in exchange for a decentralized digital asset, but the popularity of cryptocurrencies isn’t exactly surprising when you really think about it. When it comes down to it, investing in a cryptocurrency offers a number of benefits over traditional investments. Chief among these is complete control and total anonymity. With a paper note or bank account, financial institutions have access to your transactions and can categorize them according to their own policies. This allows individuals and governments the opportunity to monitor every move you make which makes cryptocurrency such an attractive form of payment. Cryptocurrency enables users to both send and receive funds without revealing themselves or their intentions at any time during the transaction process through its “anonymous nature” which is unrivaled by any other giving architecture on the planet at this time. Alongside this intelligence unlocked provided by blockchain technology is increased security and protection from fraud given that there are no central points of failure: transferring ownership between anonymous parties happens directly between peer-to-peer participants (users) who also pass oversight among each other thus creating what we call “trustless behavior”; not once does anyone need trust another party unless they wish to start an otherwise illegal enterprise that ultimately relies on untrusted participants like governmental entities or banks (which they do). That’s having no one else involved in your monetary choices