How Does Ethereum Make Money?

The release of new tokens or coins for the cryptocurrency is an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). This is how Ethereum makes money. The new tokens can be used on existing Ethereum network.

What is Etherum?

Etherum is an open-source, public blockchain that operates like a distributed computing platform that you can build decentralized applications (apps) on top of it. It basically creates another network of computers around growing Ethereum Network which means more possibilities for mainstream adoption compared to other public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ripple. Because of its unique features it has become one of the most sought after cryptos by tech startups, fintech firms and others all over the world because they see great potential in creating decentralized apps(Dapps) using this technology. One of its most important features is “smart contract” which lets you create programmatic agreements with no third necessary in a secure manner, hence making them safe from hacks and other malicious attacks.