How Does Stop-Loss Work When Selling In Binance?

Stop-loss is a market order that cancels a recently executed order instantly. You cannot cancel stop orders in binance yet, only the orders immediately before it.

13. What problems can occur while trading on binance?

Storing large amounts of cryptocurrency on an exchange may result in system crashes and security breaks. This is just one example of what could happen when storing your coins on an exchange for extended periods of time. It is not recommended to store any significant amount of cryptos with an exchange unless you are willing to lose all or most of them in the future. If you choose not to risk your coins in this manner never be surprised if they simply disappear after getting stuck on an unresponsive server or offline due to server maintenance .

The general risk associated with crypto trading markets has escalated, especially when it comes to crypto based exchanges hosting cryptocurrencies “hot wallets” with almost no security measures behind them ( see hacks ). Exchanges will inevitably get hacked sooner or later; even Coinbase suffered multiple hacks earlier this year . So far Binances ICO platform worked fine , but its ETF program was suspended last week indefinitely due to SEC regulations put into effect last week restricting trade activity relating to securities tokens . This doesn’t mean that there won’t be another blockchain based stock offering happening soon; however, until then, trades will need to go through either GDAX or Binance . We expect great things from these two exchanges both offering extremely competitive