How Does Trading Against Bitcoin Work In Binance?

Taxation of cryptocurrencies is a major issue which is being tackled by two major groups. The first group consists of those who would like to see the taxation treated as a normal tax and not a capital gain or profit. A second group, consisting mainly of merchants, believes that they should be allowed to charge fees for their use. These two groups are far apart in their objectives but one can hope that they will find common ground at some point.

I think it’s ENTIRELY reasonable for them to decide how much to charge consumers/supporters! How about you, I only noticed this because it was mentioned within an article on another site (which I haven’t read!). Either way, I wasn’t checking bitcoin prices every hour during the crash yesterday, wouldn’t have noticed…if not for this snarky post! It pains me that people treat this thing SO HARD…yes, it has issues now too …yes there are frenzies….but what happened yesterday MUST NOT BE OVERSEEN AS THE NORMAL STATE OF BEING ON BITCOIN!!! As above-mentioned,,there were things out there talking about the price bottoming near $6000USD or so before recovering back up to $11000USD sometime soon. INSANE!! Long term holders spent months thinking these crazes would die down eventually?! Now I physically cannot believe posts like these exist anywhere here on “Bitcointalk”!? Geez