How Does Xrp Token Protect From Ddos Attack??

Well, we don’t really know. There’s probably no such thing as a complete master plan for tokenization. We just know that it is far more effective than any government or bank would ever admit. What does the crypto space need in order to change the world? A Chinese ban on ICOs, all of which rely on ETH and BTC markets? Or just one project that kills off Bitcoin and kills it good in the process? According to well-respected members of Wall Street and government regulators, all we need is a little bit more regulation around blockchain… by someone other than bitcoin holders and developers So who has all this power? Well… uh… No one knows… Which probably means they still think they do! Source:,-notoriously

In America today “Idiots” are closer to reality that you could imagine why do you think so because if you look at what’s best for a company a lot of times its not what makes money but rather what keeps them from losing money…isn’t it silly how people fail to see this imo…. Q looks like bottom bounce . oh q still going downLOL I wouldn’t be surprised if US president Trump decides to hold an emergency video conferenceWith the Dow Jones Industrials Index climbing above 23000 there is absolutely no reason