How High Can Ethereum Go 2017?

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Bcash, which is actually based on Bitcoin code, has already taken the market in a different direction. This debate has gone nowhere in recent months, because out of all the forks in this space it seems like Bcash (BCH) is leading the pack. BCash is built upon major improvements to Bitcoin’s codebase and protocols that make moving to it easier than ever before for both individuals and large-scale businesses.A review of the memory intensive section of Ethereum gas calculation in Go Ethereum smart contract programming language. By Imran Aziz On January 12th 2018 ethereum went through hard fork that increased block mining time from 12 seconds to 20 seconds hence increasing cost of transactions which made many people believe that eth coins are not secure anymore i.e etherium will fall out value again by making transaction inefficient therefore does it matter if you mine eth coin or bitcoin? So I’m planning to buy few ethereum coins so I could start mining etherium after hard fork but how much exactly do you think I could buy? Should you mine Ethereum? Buy EthersHow can i get bitcoins without account im new at this – ForexMar 6, 2017 Because currently there are two main types of implementations for running smart contracts: Solidity on the one end and Serpent/LLL/Python/Assembly on other end. Even though both Solidity and Serpent offer similar features around Solidity only offers full compatibility with EVM virtual machine while LLLL offers solidity compiler