How High Will Bitcoin Go In 2021?

The markets on the other hand are huge, with over 1 billion monthly visitors that come to the site. There is no doubt that on one level or another that you can profit from this stuff. The question then becomes “how much”, and since there isn’t a precise answer to draw from I will give you my opinion.

I’ve been following these things for longer than I care to admit, and have witnessed how currencies such as bitcoin and litecoin shot up quite a bit during their initial runs. If we think about bitcoin for example we know it was $30 in 2011 and now tops $4,700 per unit – We also know consistently it’s price has gone up by about 20% every year: so yes: it can go higher than say $100k per unit – But highly unlikely due to regulations (more below) However if we look at one of those newer coins like Ripple…it’s now worth over 100 times what it was when only released 3 months ago! Where does it end? Now let’s apply some reality into all this: Do you honestly think governments such as China won’t simply ban trading these things outright? No they cannot do that because ultimately cryptocurrency trades leverage; this means the more units traded any single buyer has essentially put himself in serious trouble should he be able to somehow remove all those units out of existence. It won’t be easy but governments will always employ the “he who knows where the bodies are buried wins” mentality widely known