How Long Do Crypto Bear Markets Last?

The cryptocurrency market has been volatile through out 2018. After a massive growth over the course of 2017, prices have plummeted on numerous occasions. In some cases this has been from factors that are known to be temporary while price tend to settle after a short time period. In other scenarios it is more complicated. Some coins rise in value while others tumble without any obvious reason or pattern. If you have come to learn about cryptocurrencies and how they work, perhaps understanding these bursts of volatility is an important part of taking advantage of the technology going forward.

What Causes Bear Market Trends?

Bear market patterns can form when there are fundamental reasons behind them such as lackluster efforts by a team trying to get their product off the ground, new regulations being created that hurt interest levels, software bugs being discovered which cause traders to lose faith in the network and many other excuses that try to explain why prices might drop rather than rise. Only time will tell if these patterns will reign for years or just weeks at most but one thing remains constant regardless of what happens – Bitcoin itself tends to remain stable throughout all types of trends so hopefully this is something investors will keep in mind as their investments evolve over time. Using Bitcoin as your key investment may help avoid certain bear markets due to its characteristics which take longer before major changes occur unless another factor drives the broader trend significantly enough along with Bitcoin’s own trajectory but this is something you should consider once you understand crypto trading much better since it does happen frequently even during