How Long Do Open Orders Take On Binance?

It’s difficult to tell if a pending order is open or closed. You can consult the binance status page for this information. The best way to determine the current standing of an order is by looking at the price. If the price has gone down, then there is a high probability that your order hasn’t been filled yet.

What kind of wallets do I need on binance?

You need a personal wallet or a special type of market account that you can link to your binance account for trading purposes. We recommend using GDAX because it’s reliable and secure, but you could go with any other exchange as long as they offer good security features such as two-factor authentication and strong wallet systems where no one else can see your private keys. That said, many exchanges have been hacked in recent years; be extra cautious when selecting an exchange platform! Some people feel more comfortable sharing their public address on social media instead of their private keys on searchable websites like Google Docs or Dropbox (which are easily accessibly). If you decide on storing these tenderly sensitive details online, make sure that someone else doesn’t gain unauthorized access before snatching up some BTC!