How Long Do You Need To Own Neo To Get Gas? Binance?

12.) 18 Jan 2018 15:29:31

Evouli, the problem with the 2nd contract is not many people understand it. I can make a prediction right now that around 1 year will pass before it is mainstream. What would you say to someone telling them they need to buy it now?

Evan1301 – what’s your return estimate for MATX’s once they have fully decentralized exchanges and have been operating for years? You could probably build a decent portfolio from those shares alone right? Maybe with some stabs in the dark… Trade the 500 NEO each week so you’ll hold 10k by week 3…now do 5% of that every month..the dividends will still be there..

Yeah my brain hurts too but being technical right now kinda helps me keep track of all this stuff haha. Sarcasm meter just busted outta control with this one lol! Market cap today was about $1B USD, maybe 20 million daily trades on binance doing nothing else but trading NEO which has a market cap closer to .4 billion at present..just weird! We’ll see how things go from here as everyone jumps in during these last few days as we close out phase 2 as best as we can. TradingView – Live CryptoCurrency TradingView – Live CryptoCurrency Discussion Bitcointalk user account