How Long Does A Bitcoin Network Confirmation Take?

In this article, we show the time it takes for a Bitcoin transaction to get confirmed on different blockchains. How long does it take to confirm a payment?Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a hard forked version of the original Bitcoin blockchain protocol. Unlike its predecessor, which requires roughly 10 minutes per block on average, BCH transactions are validated by miners in roughly six seconds.Why would you want to sell things for Bitcoins?That’s simple: plenty of merchants and service providers accept them as payment. You can even use Bitcoins to buy things on some websites that don’t yet accept credit cards or PayPal In this post I explain how bitcoin works from an economic perspective.In particular, I explain where all the money comes from in the world economy every year – roughly 5 billion USD at today’s market value; how that works; what will happen with that money over the next decade; and what role China plays in that equationToday I am writing about why Bitcoin faucets are fake ,and why anyone who find out about them might be interestedDon’t Forget To Vote