How Long Does A Ripple Transfer To Binance?

For smaller amounts, we recommend sending a single 1 BTC (1 mBTC) transfer. With the exception of certain wallets and services like Changelly, no exchange can process a transaction bigger than 0.001 BTC. For large transactions, you’ll need to create many small transfers or make multiple payments for one purchase. You’ll need up to five days for your first payment to journey through the network—the further away it is from its destination, the longer it takes to reach each branch within bitcoin’s peer-to-peer architecture.

How long does my order take before I’ll see my funds?

The time it takes for an order with us receives confirmation depends on whether you are using Binance or Coinbase as your wallet service provider—and are depositing with USDT instead of BTC. Please refer to this table: It also depends on the type of asset you selected, which you can peruse by looking at our fees page here: Orders have different duration estimates depending on how far they are away from their destination addresses, so please allow extra time before calling us if an order is several hours old over Xnow Ydays Zhores