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I want to get into bitcoin. should I invest in ethereum first How long does it take for coinbase to add new coins or if i want ETH should come first ? Can someone help me how long I need to wait until coinbase adds new coins? Do you start from Coinbase and transfer your coins from there? What steps and time will I need and how much can it cost…? can someone help me about time and money spent, what is the process since i don’t understand this business model? Since we know that transactions take up BTC congesting congested routes between nodes, we hazarded a rough estimate earlier based on TPS (transactions per second). That said, since blocks are produced roughly every 10 minutes — assuming an average fee level of 0.000125 BTC/byte (~$0.50) — then one could calculate each block’s throughput in terms of BTC only: $250K = $5M/10mins Block size + Gas Price * Q D Weighted (100000 * N D / avg tx fee in btc) Weighted (100000 * n d / avg tx fee in btc) Let’s assume we use the same gas estimation method as ETH: 20x bigger than NEO — — — — — — — — 0 2 4 6 Cost % (in BTC)* This would