How Long Does Identity Verification Take On Binance?

This took a long time to figure out, but eventually we figured it out.

When trying to trade with other people on binance you will need to go through the identity verification process which will mean that your account is temporarily locked and ready for trading only after the process has been completed. This can take anything from 1-3 days! Simply waiting for this lock era is not an option as you might miss the opportunity to buy or sell anything important during that period of time. You could settle for another website like if you want fast trades and no ID verification, but they do charge very high fees and you have to wait at least 48 hours to unlock your account again. On top of all this, even though gate is highly recommended by many users, we also found there were issues with them – so we don’t recommend it as a first option either!

We list some alternative websites in our ultimate guide: Feel free to use those or check them out yourself here: