How Long Does It Take Binance To Process Withdrawl?

If you’re caught up with your trades and choose to do a withdrawal, it will take 24 hours. For Regulation NSTX / BTC, this means that once logged in and depositing your tokens at the Binance Exchange, you would wait another 24 hours before they are processed. The reason we tell our users to consider trading on Binance if they want quick trades is that the process works differently for all currencies and time zones.

While in most cases withdrawal times can be set in advance, some cryptocurrencies have delayed withdrawals in their terms of service agreements (ToS). Each cryptocurrency has different delays; these vary from overnight for Monero withdrawals to 3 days for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Litecoin (LTC) withdrawals. You can read more about cryptocurrency ToS here: https://support-btcwallet-com.readme?t=4372&k=differences#

The last thing we often hear about when people talk about crypto exchanges is security — or lack thereof. It’s always important to select a reputable exchange that doesn’t end up hacking its customers’ accounts during the course of bitcoin purchases and deposits — witness how MtGox became effectively bankrupt after losing nearly half a billion dollars worth of bitcoins from registered users on Silk Road being hacked by hackers [1] [2] [3].