How Long Does It Take For Btc To Deposit In Binance?

how many confirmations do you need to wait for?

what is the best method to check/send me my binance USD deposit?

Thank you! Hi everyone,I am trying to get BTC transferred from Kraken to Binance. Tried all the guides here , but they are not working for me. I have 25 JAcoin in QTc Wallet which will automatically convert into JAVA by Binance once the transfer process runs out.This is what it looks like when i click “withdraw” while i have that amount of JAVA in wallet:So there’s an error saying “account doesn’t exist.” What does this mean? I deposited 1 cent via bank transfer and also through several other methods, but there’s no way any of them are showing up on bittrex! And if it did show up, after so much time passed I don’t know how it would still be valid an account doesn’t exist…Thanks guys!